Ticker Factory

Sunday, September 20, 2015


This is my first attempt at carving rubber stamps.   I bought the Speedball pink rubber and the Speedy-Carve 3-piece carving set off of Blitsy ... hmm... possibly 2 years ago?   I got brave and made two different feathers tonight.  While not perfect, I am thrilled and trying to think of what I want to make next.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Labour Day Weekend

My weekend is going to begin at noon tomorrow when we leave for Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park (Saskatchewan side because its nicer than the Alberta side and because the showers are clean and free and the firewood is free as well).  There is no wifi where we are camping.  It is supposed to be cool, windy and rain Friday, Saturday & Sunday.   Cypress Hills is often 10 degrees cooler than here.  Oh yay.  I asked my husband,  "So if it is supposed to be so ugly this weekend, why don't we just stay home?"  and the stupid answer I got was, "Because we have reservations."  What he didn't say was that May long and Labour Day weekends are traditionally spent camping at Cypress Hills.

So, I am now the proud owner of fashionable rubber boots, have packed thick gloves, a toque and my winter coat!    I've packed 2 books but I know I won't get to even open the cover of one because we are camping with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  Of the four of us, I'm the only one who reads.  (I blame their parents.) I've therefore also packed chocolate chip cookie chips? (something new), hot chocolate, 3 dark chocolate bars,  500 grams of Haagen Daas Cappuccino Gelato (I have no idea what gelato is and want to find out) and 500 grams of Chocolate Haagen Daas ice cream.  Did you know 500 gram containers of Haagen Daas cost more than two litres of other brands?

Picture it, the sound of rain on the roof, while you are curled up on a recliner love seat, wearing sweat pants, cuddly sweater, thick spa socks and a cozy blanket and cute Shih Tzu on your lap; your favourite radio station playing your favourite music (not too loud; not too quiet) while you are reading a good book, drinking hot chocolate and nibbling on a "healthier" dark chocolate chocolate bar!

That sound you now hear is what happens when a pin pops a balloon... because your sister-in-law insists that there is no point camping if you spend any time at all inside your very comfortable motor home.  All meals must be cooked either on the bbq or right on the camp fire.  You are now bundled up in half the clothes you packed sitting on camp chairs huddled around a camp fire while the wind tries to blow your toque off and the rain tries to put out the fire.

I may be quite busy Monday after unpacking the motor home, cleaning it and doing laundry.  I'll be trying to work off the ice cream, gelato, hot chocolate and chocolate bars. Oh, and the  peach pie and potato salad my sister-in-law is bringing.   Have a great long weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Jaxon's Baby Quilt

I remembered at the last minute to take a picture of this quilt before it went out the door.  Unfortunately, its an evening picture and the lighting isn't the greatest.  

I had to put one together in a hurry because my friend, Eva's, baby was born one month early.   She no sooner had moved back to Medicine Hat and got settled in and she landed in the hospital.  Sweet baby Jaxon was so tiny - under 6 lbs. - but didn't need to be incubated.  

I decided the easiest way for me to put a quilt together quickly was to make it a strip quilt.  My first flannelette quilt and my first boy quilt.  

Another first for me - since I own a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.0, I decided I'd get brave and teach myself to free-motion machine quilt this one.  It actually turned out pretty well for my first attempt.  Since I found dinosaur fabric in three different colours (as well as dogs and elephants), I decided to do lines approx. 7" long, a loop, a line, a loop, etc. width-wise across the wide strips.  It sort of looks like dinosaur eggs being dropped every 7".